Wednesday, September 11, 2019

2019 Hawk 100 - Muddy Snake Hawk

 With all of the course updates due to the record high lake levels, it was no wonder that the 2019 Hawk 100 would include a thunderstorm overnight. We wound around the base of Sander's Island (no longer the mound) and from the blue trail to the white trail before heading up Bunker Hill and back to the start/finish on the white trail. It was a new course to everyone and quite a bit more difficult from years past. Coupled with a late night storm that made anything not covered in sharp rocks, a muddy, slippery mess. It was truly a night to remember. I had Mike and Shari there to pace me through the tough spots and I had Tamara and John for assistance at West Park road and the Start/Finish as well. It was my longest 100 miler yet at 30:33 but I don't think the most difficult. I'll leave that honor to my first one (The 2015 Hawk).

Friday, June 21, 2019

Golden Hawk Endurance Challenge

I'm taking part in the inaugural Golden Hawk Endurance Challenge this year. That is running every Trail Hawk race through the year. I have chosen to do the max distance for each race which means that Hawk100 in September again. I ran it in 2014 so this will be a 5 year anniversary. So far this year I have run the Pi-Day Marathon and the Skyline Shuffle. Coming up we have the Nighthawk, and the Snake. Then to wrap things up; the Hawk, the Shoreline Shuffle, and the Sander's Saunter. It should be a great summer.